Scored 5 points LOWER than before. When should I retake?

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Scored 5 points LOWER than before. When should I retake?

Postby NonTradinStLou » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:24 am

I enrolled in law school in 2004, when I was 19. (I was in one of those accelerated law programs). I'd scored 163 on the LSAT. However, I dropped out after a week of classes and went back and completed my undergraduate degree instead.

Over a decade later, I recently retook the LSAT and scored 158 on the December exam. I am so upset and embarrassed. I did better than expected on logic games (which has always been my weakness), and I didn't miss any questions on the first arguments section. However, I BOMBED the reading (literally missed 1/3 of the questions... apparently I can no longer read?!?) and missed several questions on the second arguments section.

LSAC won't report my old LSAT score, so now I only have the 158 on file. This is not enough to get the scholarship I want/need to either law schools I am considering (I can only go to school in the St. Louis area, as I am now an adult with a mortgage, husband, kid, etc.). I'm not even aiming for Wash U; I am only hoping for a scholarship to SLU or Mizzou.

What should I do? Should I retake in February and turn in a very late application and hope they give me money anyway? Do schools even award scholarships in March? Or should I just sit this cycle out and retake in June?

As for the LSAT itself: how did those of you who earned decent scores study? I went through Manhattan Prep's logic games book, but didn't think I needed to study for reading (until now...).

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Re: Scored 5 points LOWER than before. When should I retake?

Postby zhyunjc » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:24 am

I don't have as good an understanding of the law school application process as I'd like, myself, but from what I've heard, you're much likelier to be awarded scholarships if you apply earlier in the cycle; I think February is a bit late, for that. Personally I'd wait and apply in the next cycle, if you really want a scholarship. My understanding is a bit limited though, so you may want to double check.
For the LSAT, I think once you get familiar with the kind of thinking it encourages/requires(?), it's just a matter of practice! i.e. doing as many official, actual tests as possible. That was the bulk of my studying, anyway :)

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