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Visual study aids

Postby ubebarstudying » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:32 pm

Hey everyone,
I've noticed people asking questions about civ pro ranging everywhere from where to focus studying because the MBE on the last UBE did not test heavily on the Jurisdictions & co., where many bar companies say to focus (though I pointed out July did have a jurisdiction essay question that was CP/Conflicts) to what civ pro aid is best or the adequacy of a civ pro study aid, I can't remember which. I have similarly noticed an uptick in both visits to my website as well as in views and downloads of visual aid materials I have posted there. So I guess I was just wondering if there is a topic or subtopic that people would be interested in seeing. I prefer to do MBE topics because they may/will be tested on both days.

While civ pro gave me the idea if that's not something that is wanted or needed I wont update the flowchart that I made before. If it is, or there is another topic or subtopic, i would be happy to either update or create - depending - a few aids/ take a few requests. Keep in mind though that turnaround time will vary as I do this kind of stuff on a site I pay for to make available for free but I DO have other responsibilities and turnaround time varies depending on if I am doing an update vs. creating something new, but I will have them for you in time to use them.

As stated above since I'm not sure whether I will have to update or start from scratch, I'm going to limit myself at first to 3 requests and IF I have a decent turnaround time I will happily do more. If you have a request just message me or request it below by 530 PM EST tomorrow and if I even get 3, I'll do those. If I get several requests, I will go with the 3 most requested. Just an offer, but let me know and happy studies :D

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