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Themis Bar Review Outlines (CA)

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:04 am
by RFCProf
Hi Everyone!

I haven't touched substantive law subjects since I graduated from UCLAW in 2000. I am planning to sit for the July 2018 CA Bar Exam. I signed up for Themis and walked through all first year subject matter (online lectures). I also just received the Themis CA Bar Exam Prep Packet with comprehensive outlines (similar to Barbri's conviser mini review) etc. I wanted to connect with folks that have used Themis AND taken the CA Bar to ask how you used the outlines OR to obtain suggestions on how you studied.

Even comments from those folks that used Themis and took the bar in another state are very welcome.

The Themis subject matter outlines run approx. 100 pages each and seems to provide too much detail for what is usable on a bar exam - any suggestions on how to study? Did folks rely mainly on the online lectures and fill-out worksheets? the final review outlines? I have heard that Critical Pass Flashcards are very good for the MBE...

Any advise that you might be able to offer would be very welcome.

Many Thanks!

RFC Prof

Re: Themis Bar Review Outlines (CA)

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:24 am
didn't do CA, but I used Themis for 3 different bar exams (two simultaneously, then re-used the old material when I moved to a different state)

My advice is to do it all. If you actually do the whole course, you'll pass the bar.
Realistically, I don't think I did even 75% of it the first time round, but I was fresh out of lawl school. It's a lot of material, because there's a lot to cover. You never know what might show up on the bar exam - and the last thing you want is for that odd topic that shows up on an essay to be one you didn't cover. It is overkill, but that's certainly better than not doing enough.