Advice. Feeling Burned Out and Health

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Advice. Feeling Burned Out and Health

Postby Vicksburg910 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:24 am

Hello all. I am a 2L and had been having an excellent run of it in law school. Im president of several clubs, heavily involved, and had a great circle of friends. I am came down with a severe case of the flu at the start of January- spent 4 days in the hospital during the first week of the semester. I had some underlying cancer treatment issues that hadnt bothered me in years kicked up by the flu. Spent the last month with blood sugars swings in the 300 and 400s that left me zoned out and fatigued- not to mention pretty sick when they happened. I don't have diabetes so the doctors are trying to figure out how exactly to address it.

Needless to say I feel pretty burned out. I feel like my social circle has fallen apart and I don't even have fun when I do stuff with my law school friends. I just feel exhausted, stressed, behind, and like I've burned out socially, physically, and possibly academically.

Anyone else ever get this law school burn out where it feels like you're just pushing through? What did anyone do to combat it? I'm highly embarrassed to admit I feel a little depressed/burned out.

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