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Tax LLM Employer Specifics/Resources

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:31 pm
by Gatorroll
I am a graduating 3L that has secured a job for after graduation, but I am virtually certain I will go for a tax LLM in the near future. I want to apply to the top 3 (NYU/Georgetown/UF), but I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding specific employers for the schools. Ideally I would stay in Florida (Miami or Tampa), but if the prospects were significantly better financially I would be completely fine with a larger market. I do not want to commit to a tax LLM program, spend the money, and end up working for a mid size firm comparable to the one I left to do the LLM.

Does anyone know any resources that let me see specifically what firms/consulting gigs/in house/accounting firms are actually hiring students from these schools? Anyone have any insider experience they would please share?