French LLB wanting to practice inter'l arbitration

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French LLB wanting to practice inter'l arbitration

Postby Kimi92 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:15 am

I currently go to Paris 2 (Assas) and will be eligible to take the french bar exam next year. After 3 years of French LLB, i realized that i really want to practice international arbitration. And i know Paris is one of the most important international arbitration venues worldwide. But here is the thing : i don’t see myself living in France in the long run. If I become a France qualified lawyer, my biggest fear is that i might end up in France (Europe in general) forever. It's not like i don't like this country but just want to see something else. Thought hard about taking LSAT and i’d like to have your thoughtful insights.

1. What would you recommend between pursuing LLM degree or JD degree assuming that i really want to practice international arbitration in the future but also would like to live in US and have my work experience there? Being a qualified lawyer in the US is possible with just doing LLM, but i’d like to know if it is going to be possible for me to work in the US with just LLM degree not JD especially in international arbitration field.
2. I have read several posts on this website saying that doing arbitration work in a US office would lead to getting leftover work compared to european offices. If it is true, then do you think it’s better to stay in France and get a job with just LL.M degree?
3. Also i have read that European lawyer at american firms in europe are generally paid much less.. let’s say if i land a big law job in Europe, (i am referring to getting a job with an American big law firm that has offices in Europe) as a European law school graduate with American LLM, how does the compensation system work?

Thank you so much !

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