International (Saudi) applicant looking for advice on applying to T-6 schools. 173 LSAT and 'Superior' GPA.

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International (Saudi) applicant looking for advice on applying to T-6 schools. 173 LSAT and 'Superior' GPA.

Postby IrritatedlyMinty » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:21 am

Good morning everyone!

I'm very happy with my June LSAT score (173), it's more or less my target from when I first considered going to law school. However, there are still other factors that paint a little uncertainty on my application; namely that I am going to be an International student (Saudi Arabian national), and I am foreign educated (Australia). I hope that some of you can help shed a little light on my chances at my desired schools, and to answer some specific questions I had.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from a top 8 university in Australia. As my undergrad is from a foreign country, my uGPA is not used as a quantitive measure, but rather LSAC slaps on a categorical indicator for my academic performance. Fortunately, LSAC assigned me a "Superior" category after having processed my transcription. My Australian GPA is 3.56; by using the methodology that the LSAC uses for converting Australian grades, I calculated it to be 3.91. That doesn't really count for much, as I discovered, as foreign GPAs simply don't count in law schools' statistics and ultimately irrelevant from an admission perspective except for an indication of the student's potential academic performance at the school.

For softs, I have global experience having been born and lived in Saudi, but also lived and studied in the UAE and Australia. I have 3 years of professional work experience at a corporation in Saudi Arabia, where I did software development work, but also some leadership roles recently. I am doing very well at work and would come highly recommended by my management, and in fact my company is the one who is sponsoring me to go to law school. My tuition and living stipend are going to be completely paid by my company (hence, scholarships aren't a factor for me). This sponsorship is part of a very selective Law Program at my company - only very few young employees get nominated for this opportunity, and even fewer get recommended by the selection committee comprised by senior lawyers from the legal department. Moreover, my company will place me at a US law firm to practice law in the US for at least a year to gain experience before returning to become an in-house counsel.

As an Arab, I realize I'm not an underrepresented minority. Nonetheless, I am considering writing a Diversity Statement as I believe being Saudi puts me in a unique position. I plan to mention my humanitarian goals, and my ambition for social justice and progress in Saudi Arabia. This is rather timely, as Saudi Arabia did indeed make some steps towards correcting injustices, especially towards women, and while my goals may have seemed to be a long shot in the past, I believe them to be achievable with the current momentum. Of course, I have personal stories that I plan to share in my statement that will put substance to back up my intentions.

As far as LoRs are concerned, I am able to get very strong LoRs from my management at work. Academic LoRs have been tricky, as I didn't really interact much with my professors, and almost 3 years out of college not many remember my name. Nonetheless, I managed to convince one lecturer to send in a LoR, although I'm not confident in it being specific/detailed enough.

I'm aiming for the top-6 schools, but my ultimate preference is Harvard. Harvard's reputation in Saudi dwarfs all other schools, and it shows in that Saudi Harvard Law graduates have without fail all gone on to be highly successful and many of them ended up in positions with very high influence; influence levels of which can make my goals achievable.

So my questions are:

    (1) Which softs should I particularly highlight and would improve my application?
    (2) Should be my personal statement be about my company sponsoring me - is this unique enough for a PS topic?
    (3) Should I write a diversity statement?
    (4) What are my chances, given all of the above, at HYS and the rest of the T6 schools? I'll be applying early in the cycle (as soon as the window opens).
    (5) Any other advice you have for me?

Thank you so much for reading, and I wish everyone here good luck!

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