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Cancel, 156, 161, 163 - Take 5th time in June for hail mary to Cornell?

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:44 pm
by mdelacruz

Self-exclamatory title. Threw up an ED app to UVA then blanketed rest of t14 down to Texas late Jan/early Feb. Also applied to a handful outside of t14.

Final lsat is gonna be 163. Other stats are MA URM, 3.3 gpa at t20 undergrad, 4 yrs WE in banking and solid recs from 2 profs.

I keep PTing in high 160s/low 170s but test day keeps psyching me out. Worth sitting for the test a 5th time in June then appling to Cornell with a 165+? Or should I just enjoy BU/Fordham/Wustl? Initially didn't apply to since its heavy on corporate and I'm trying to do litigation.

Would it be advisable to plan for a June take anyway to send to any schools I get WL'd at?