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Resume advice

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:24 pm
by King of the North
Hey all,

I'd like to ask for some advice on a stylistic matter on my resume. It's the old "experience v.s. education first" issue. My education is pretty average-3.5 GPA (which, btw, I'm not sure whether I should include on there or not), and along with that I competed in moot court for 3 years and ranked among the top 10% in the nation one year, and also had poetry published in the school's art collage journal.

I think my experience stands out more than my education. 1.5 years at a law firm as a lobbyist, conducting research, comparing statutes, analyzing legislation, the whole 9 yards. and I did 4 internships before this job, all of which are relevant in a way to my applying to law school.

Long question(s) short, should I (A) include my 3.5 GPA on my resume and (B) put my education first or my experience first.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Resume advice

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:46 pm
by icechicken
It's almost completely inconsequential for law-school admissions, but generally you list resume items in reverse chronological order. So post-college work goes above college. I don't know why anyone would lead off with their undergraduate degree unless they're still in college or really want you to know they were magna at Princeton or something.

Whether you include your GPA also doesn't matter, especially since they'll have your LSDAS report anyway. If your major GPA is significantly higher, this is an opportunity to highlight that, I guess? Still doesn't matter.