How insular is Florida? (Seattleite considering FSU)

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How insular is Florida? (Seattleite considering FSU)

Postby SidV101 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:47 pm

This is a reboot of a conversation on a separate thread that was getting off topic. My current offers are (COA):
-U of Washington $140k
-WUSTL $80k
-U of Alabama $40k
-FSU completely debt free

As someone who’s lived in Seattle all my life and is open to moving, I’m leaning towards FSU where I would be able to graduate with no debt and try to get a legal or government job there. My current job of 5 years is a federal job. I make $15/hour and I live in Seattle so my real income would receive a substantial boost even with a $50k/year job in, say, Tallahassee.

First of all, feel free to let me know if you think I should pursue one of the other offers and why.

If not, I’d like to hear A) any personal knowledge about the insularity of the Florida and in particular Tallahassee legal market, B) any thoughts on my ability to get a government job - at any level - via FSU, and C) advice on how to create local ties, break into the local market and get a job in Florida.

As an aside, my 3L friend attending UW thinks I would be able to get a job back in Seattle if go to school elsewhere, take summer internships in Seattle and network here like crazy - and he says that the better the school the better my chances are (WUSTL>UA>FSU). Is he way off base? That’s the sense I’ve been getting on these boards. He said I’d need a compelling reason to tell employers why I went elsewhere for law school, and I would just tell them the truth - that my other offers were way cheaper.

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